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East or West…

Criticism may be harsh and the process might be a struggle but our Bollywood divas haven’t fallen short of anything while making their place in Hollywood. Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone have shown us that it isn’t your background or social support in the film industry that helps you succeed, but in fact, true passion and dedication that does. For years, they have worked tirelessly to reach the position they have earned in Bollywood today. But the girls did not stop there, they went on venturing and grabbing every opportunity they could, be it in Bollywood or Hollywood. However, their journey has been full of ups and downs and succeeding has not been easy. Both the girls have the immense courage to put themselves out there in an unknown world with an unknown audience. So, instead of stating their differences, a “comparative study” would be the more appropriate thing to do. Priyanka Chopra as we all know has gone from being just a normal girl from Jharkhand to becoming Miss World to winning the People’s Choice Awards for two years consecutively (for Quantico). She’s reached heights of success that neither she nor her audience had ever imagined. However, her career choices haven’t always been flawless. Her performances were not always as good as Barfi, Mary Kom and Fashion, she did make a few mistakes like God Tussi Great Ho, What’s your Raashee and her singing career. After securing her place in Bollywood, Priyanka decided to put her vocal talents to use and began her music career in 2012. And just like Neerja’s plane, her music didn’t exactly take off either. But Priyanka being Priyanka did not treat this as a setback, in fact, she came back with a boom in 2015 being the first South Asian woman to headline an American network TV series- Quantico. Her performance in the tv show just got better with every episode, leaving every member of the audience stunned and waiting for more. And after all that harsh criticism she received about her accent, she’s the one dancing with the Tom Hiddleston at the Emmy’s after-party, while we are sitting and hogging on potato chips… Deepika is the epitome of #goals. She has it all- the perfect figure, the perfect face, the perfect sense of humour, the perfect fashion sense and most importantly, the perfect boyfriend. Her versatility has proven that she’s truly an asset to the industry. With every role she portrays, she completely gets into her character until she perfects it and that is exactly what made her the actress she is today. After giving some brilliant performances in Cocktail, Ram-Leela and Bajirao Mastani, Deepika decided to try her luck in Hollywood. She said on Ellen, that she had auditioned for Fast and Furious 7 but did not get the part, but as luck had it, a year later, she signed a contract for XXX where she was going to be acting side by side with Vin Diesel. Deepika worked extremely hard on this film, showing us a different side of her which was previously unknown to her audiences. She constantly worked on performing stunts in the movie and demanded to do as many action sequences as she could on her own. However, the film didn’t receive the appreciation that they thought it would’ve. To say the least, it was a letdown. The story line was not thought of clearly, the movie didn’t really make too much sense when put together and the box offices were pretty much empty after the first week.  However, we are sure this is just the start and Deepika has a lot more in store for her fans. Both these Bollywood stars have managed to reach the peak of their success but at the same time remained down to earth- a quality that is highly admirable. Managing their work, their family and their personal life has been anything but easy, but the girls have not only managed to do so but also done a great job. Along with joining Hollywood, they’ve stayed true to their roots and continued to do Hindi films and completely dedicate themselves to it while doing it. No matter how much the public or the media criticises them, they have done extremely well for themselves. They are women that girls of today should look up to and hope to follow their footsteps. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us! Tollywood, beware- you may be next.

– Zeitgeist Team

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