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The voice is a powerful being,

One that is empowered by unrestricted flight.

It can soar and fly across to various corners,

Sometimes distant neighbors and sometimes distant hills.

It is sharp and yet subtle, after all it's a game of words,

Where the varied witty and shrewd excel.

The voice tells us stories - unheard, unsung and known,

It can unravel the spider's web, the one not from horse's mouth.

It can even break images, reputes and judgement.

However the voice is easy bait,

To the fiendish hands of fear and punishment.

The hands try to stifle our sounds to silence,

Dissent would open Pandora's jar.

The voice remains a threat to our supposed democracy,

One, where each 'vote' and 'voice' counts.

- Sivaranjani (Andromeda)


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