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Digest, 2022- Grade 5

My Most Embarrassing Moment

Anaya Rathie 5D

Some moments in our lives are intensely face reddening. Even the thought of these moments makes us want to hide our faces in embarrassment. There was one such humiliating incident that I faced a few years ago. I have never been able to erase it from my mind.

I remember my most embarrassing moment distinctly. It was when I was in class 2 during the school recess. As soon as I heard the bell ring I quickly ran to the washroom as I was controlling my urges since school started. I did not want to miss class since our teachers were making us do revisions and telling us tips for the forthcoming final exams.

My stomach started to hurt because I had been controlling my urges for a long time and to make matters worse I had drunk two glasses of cold milk in the morning. Soon I began to hear giggling and laughing outside the cubicle. After a few minutes when I came out, I discovered to my horror that I had entered the boys’ washroom.

No beetroot could have matched the color of my face at that time. I was extremely mortified. The news spread like wildfire throughout the whole school. I was truly the talk of the town.

Then I remembered my mother’s words “If you can’t beat them, join them.” So I started laughing at myself. It worked and soon everyone stopped teasing me. Though this incident was very embarrassing for me, it taught me one very important thing – “When people laugh at you, laugh along. You should not take it too seriously as they mean no harm.”

The Power of Hard Work

Vedanshi Singh 5D

There once was a boy named Sam. He was ten years old. His ambition was to become a wrestler no matter what. His only family was a mother and she was very poor. He looked very gaunt but did not care as long as he was doing wrestling. He had been learning wrestling since a while and tomorrow was his first match.

The match went on for half an hour in the morning and yes, Sam won it. There were very bleak chances of him winning as he was competing against a healthy and strong child but he proved the world than being strong doesn’t matter. We need to have confidence in ourselves. Later in joy, Sam and his mother went to a restaurant for dinner as his mother had got the paycheck for the work she did that month. After dinner as they were driving home Sam got a phone call from an unknown person and after he received it the person on the other side “I am speaking from the international department of sports. Our team is looking for a good wrestler. Your coach gave me your number. May I speak to an elder.” Sam immediately passed the phone to his mother. After sometime Sam’s mother ended the phone call looking all happy and excited. Sam was a child who took all precautions so he told his mother not to be a daredevil and tell him whatever it was after they reached home, but his mother did not listen to him and continued speaking. Soon she was so engaged in talking she lost control of the car and the car smashed against a tree. Sam’s mother had fractured her arm but she was soon okay. While Sam had become unconscious and after he woke up he could feel his legs no longer. When he asked his mom about it, she said “The doctors had performed a surgery but because of some complications, the surgery took place properly but paralyzed him below waist completely. He had only two percent chances of ever walking again.” Soon all their money went into the treatment of Sam and because his mother could not pay the rent she was kicked out of the rented house, but Sam did not lose hope and continued fighting against his will. After a few months he was able to move his toes and after some more months he was able to move his whole foot. Eventually he starts moving a little day by day. Everyone was shocked at the progress he was making and his mother was very proud of him. After a few years of intense therapy he goes back to the wrestling ring to meet his coach. At that time another wrestler came and challenged him to a wrestling match .

Even though he lost this time his name was there on all the social media platforms for such an encouraging journey. He went to many interviews later on and received a lot of money. Meanwhile his mother had got a lot of job offers and she accepted one of them. Sam became first in the league matches and won many medals for his country - the United States of America. He was honored by many nobel prizes and his name was known all over the world. He passed away on 9/1/ 2001.

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