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Digest, 2022- Grade 3

A Trip to the Arcade

Reyansh Gupta 3B

Last week, I went to the arcade to play games with my mother. We first played the claw machine. I moved the claw left and right, back and forth until I reached the position of the prize. I screamed in excitement as my claw picked 2 chocolates. Then we played hit the clown with the ball. There were three levels of difficulty. The highest difficulty gave the maximum points and it all had to be done within one minute . We shot some but not all. I played a game where I had to aim with the laser gun and shoot at the lit part of the target. I enjoyed playing that as it was a game using my shooting skills. My mother and I played a game against each other where we had to freeze the zombies using ice water guns. My mother won by 6 points. We played many more games like ring toss, basketball, car racing etc. But my favourite amongst them all was basketball. You won’t believe, within an hour we had tripled our ticket tokens which we won through various games . At the end we had won more than 7000 tickets. We exchanged those tickets for a Smartivity .I had a whale of a time at the arcade and the best part was I enjoyed the day with my mother.

A Summer Adventure

Maya Rasquinha 3C

It was only day three of my summer vacation, but I was already bored. All I did was: wake up late, read books, watch T.V. and go to grandma Merlyn’s house. But that afternoon everything changed. My friend Alisa and I were playing at my grandmother’s house when we overheard her talking to a neighbour. “Agnes, many of our neighbours have been complaining that their milk packets are getting punctured”, grandma Merlyn said. Aah! We had mystery troublemakers in the lane. I had an idea. Alisa and I gathered a few of our other friends and we set up a detective agency. We decided to set a trap. When triggered, a bucket that hung from the ceiling with the help of a pulley would fall on the culprit. We waited three days and finally the thief was caught. And guess what? It was a cat! Silly us. We should have known. Case closed! With a successful first case, we got many more in the weeks ahead. It was the best summer vacation.

Railway in the Rush Hour

Myra Siddiqui 3B

I went to C.S.T station last Friday early in the morning. My family and I were going to Goa to meet my cousins. It was extremely noisy and busy as it was the rush hour. There were many small stalls which were selling newspapers, magazines, fruits, snacks, hot samosas and Pakoras and sweet as sugar, creamy masala tea. We hired a porter for 100₹ who carried our baggage around. Many people were standing on the platform waiting for their train to arrive. There was a ticket collector who checked our tickets and put a little tick on it. We had sandwiches, apples and cookies and our parents had a hot, steaming cup of coffee. I was so excited for our vacation to Goa and I started thinking about the beaches and the sea. Our train finally arrived and we boarded it and set off on our exciting journey!

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