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Digest, 2022- Grade 1

At The Park

Raysha D’Souza 1A

Last Sunday I visited Shivaji Park. I saw birds and ducks. There were colourful slides. I played on the swings.The other people were relaxing and jogging. My favourite part of the park was sitting under the shady trees and reading my book.

My Christmas Vacation

Shanaya Mukherjee 1B

My Christmas Vacation was in December. I went to Goa with my family. I stayed at my house in Goa. Santa gave me gifts in the stocking. I ate lots of sweets. I went to the beach. I helped my grandmother to bake a cake. We went to church on Christmas day. I decorated my house with lights and a star. I enjoyed my Christmas vacation.

My Birthday Party

Kashvi Malhotra 1C

It was a surprise birthday party. It was on the 1st of November. It was held at Tic Tac Toe. My friends Kyra, Vihaan and Tara came for my birthday. My mother decorated the house with unicorn balloons in the morning. I wore a pink gown for my birthday. We played hide and seek. We ate pizza and cake. My friends gave me a lot of gifts and I gave them return gifts. I enjoyed my birthday. It was the best day at Tic Tac Toe.

My Christmas Vacation

Vivaan Goyal 1D

In the month of December, during my Christmas holidays, I had a good time. I was in Bombay but I had lots and lots of fun with my family. I spent my Christmas holidays with my family. In the holidays I went for a classical chess tournament and I got a 3.9 score. I played with my friends during the holidays. I went out for dinner and I ate yummy food. I saw lots and lots of colourful butterflies. In the night I heard a cricket sing and a night jars, tonk- tonk. I smelt the beautiful fragrance of roses and jasmine. I felt the wet grass.

My Birthday Party

Avaneesha V Bhor 1E

Today is my birthday. My birthday is on the 11th of January. I decorated my house with balloons, candles etc. I invited my friends to my birthday party.My friends and I ate yummy food at the party. We also cut a cake at the party. I got many gifts on my birthday. I also gave my friends return gifts. We played many games, wore party hats etc. After the party I opened my presents. Birthday parties are a lot of fun.

At the Park

Lyra Dsouza 1F

On Saturdays I go to the park with my mother. I go on the swing and to the monkey-bar in the park. We get fresh air. I see children playing on the slide. I go on the see-saw. I see children sitting on the wooden- benches. I play with my friends.

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