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Death's Doorstep

Death’s Doorstep

Naisha Chhabria 9E

The experience I had the first time I was alone at home is one which is etched into my memory, and not for a good reason. The fact that my parents trusted me enough to leave me at home while they went on vacation was a matter of great pride for me. However, after the events that occurred that fateful night, I never wanted to be alone again for I feared I might die.

In my deep sleep, I heard a noise at the door. It woke me instantaneously. It was a truly wicked sound. I was unable to identify the creature that could make such a blood curdling sound. It was a silent roar, almost like it only existed for my ears, and I knew that the answer to all my doubts would be at the door.

All logic had evaded me. I knew that I should not have walked to the door, but some unseen force was pulling me towards it. I walked to the door in a trance. It creaked open, seemingly because of the wind, but it was a still, silent night without the slightest breeze. There was a basket at the doorstep. I went over to pick it up but I cannot tell you what happened after, for I do not know myself.

When I awoke, I was in a bright room. At first, I thought I was in heaven, but as my vision cleared, I realised that I was in a hospital room and my parents were by my side. I asked in an anxious frenzy, “Where am I? What happened?” My mother replied, “Everything is okay, Emma.” That one sentence brought me more relief than I could have ever imagined and my mother’s soothing voice was all I needed to hear.

I had had a heart attack. One which should have been fatal, but I believe it was God’s good grace that saved me. My neighbour had found me collapsed at the door early the next morning, clutching the basket. She took me to the hospital and I would not be here today to tell you this if not for her.

The basket had contained a pig’s heart, I assume it was a threat. People had started disappearing and dying left, right and centre for no apparent reason. There was a theory which was going around and I believe it is the only possible explanation for what happened to me. The Devil had come to town, and he intended to show no mercy.

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