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Closing Doors


  • Jayden Varghese 9D

The silent tapping of my feet on the ground slowly faded away. This was it. This was the examination I had spent months preparing for. All those sleepless nights , all led to this moment.

I grasped a large tuft of my hair. Why was I nervous? I saw a large stream of students entering the school’s main doors. They were all here for the same examination. How were they so cheerful? They all had happy smiling faces. Discussing , laughing , enjoying themselves, and I was sitting sullen in a corner drenched in my own sorrow.

I needed to revise, but I was too afraid to find something I had not studied. I began questioning everything I knew. Sweat beads fell on top of the pages , smudging the words I had written. I had studied. I had lived a closed life the past few months. Eat, sleep, study and repeat. I had worked

too hard to throw it all away. The examination would start soon. I started to break down .

Then, I stopped. I closed my mind. All the shouts and laughter turned into dust.

I focused. I encouraged myself. I was ready. The shrill sound of the school bell was heard.

Students flowed into the hall leaving me alone. I slowly got up and dragged my feet till the door. I steeled myself and threw open the doors. As I received the examination paper all my fears faded away. Everything I had studied was here in black and white. After this examination I would feel joy again, and laughter. I would be….happy.

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