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The Reincarnated Devil

The Reincarnated Devil

Shreya Sharma 9B

One night Ashley found herself walking into a dark, dreary cave covered with creepers from head to toe in the midst of a haunted-looking forest. She wore unusually dark clothes with a necklace going around her neck made of bones and shells, and a very elaborate buffalo horned headgear. That look was definitely not how a normal human should dress. Clutched in her right hand she had a small briefcase with a holy cross on it. Laying all her stuff down in the middle of the cave, she crippled and sat on the floor, preparing for the so-called ritual, or as Ashley would say it, a seance. However, she had other plans, she wanted to destroy the ghost who had been bothering her since childhood due to an evil spell casted on her family once and for all.

Laying down all her equipment, she caught herself chanting satanic hymns to summon the devil. Dark stormy clouds assembled over the cave, the wind caught speed as though it were Usain Bolt. Leaves started rustling in the night sky and with a spark of lightning appeared an all black dressed creature with no facial expressions, who was levitating. Ashley’s soul left her heart on seeing him after 3 years, yet she plucked up the courage and flashed the holy cross with horse’s blood dripping from it onto his face. Yelling followed by rampage, the devil tried to disarm Ashley and hurt her but she stood firm. He started disintegrating into thin air, his skin started crumbling into plastic wrap and falling off and he yelled, “Look out, I’ll be coming for your newest born child”. Having said this, the devil disappeared with a zap and young Ashley sat there alone panting to have done a task her entire family feared.

Years passed and Ashley grew into a beautiful, mesmerizing woman with golden curly locks, doe shaped eyes and breathtaking lips. She now lived her life as a happy family with her husband and newly born son. The only thing that still troubled and concerned her were the last words of the devil. She had firmly accepted the fact that he would return and did all that she could to protect her newborn. Her husband had no idea about the devil in her family and he would have his jaws on the floor if

the incident repeated itself. Ashley now worked as a florist and owned her own little flower garden who’s fortune she sold in the local market. One fine sunny day when Ashley was away for work, she noticed the weather suddenly changing and the same dark dreary clouds assembling in the sky as the ones on the day she defeated the devil. The same features, rustling of leaves, continuous lightning etc. repeated itself. Ashley got too concerned to continue her job and hurried home as though she had seen some unfamiliar, supernatural face. She found her baby fast asleep with the nanny reading a book and was relieved at the sight. On venturing out once again, she noticed that her flower garden had completely dried up and the flowers had crippled and fallen to the ground. With many unusual and concerning activities taking place, she decided to stay home from work.

Exactly at 4am in the morning, Ashley heard the creaking noises of the floor from her babies’ room and loud crying sounds. Ashley hurried and trampled to reach the room but it was too late. The baby was not in its crib but the crying noise still prevailed. On searching the house, Ashley reached the kitchen and heard the devil say, “Looking for me ?”. She saw her baby tightly in his arms. She cried and begged for him to return her baby but with a dash the devil was off. She crippled to the floor and cried as her husband was puzzled. The sky then slowly cleared and once again the flowers bloomed in the garden.

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