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The Playful Parrot

The Playful Parrot

Devyani Parekh 8E

The Sun’s early rays peeked through my curtains, beckoning me out. I hopped off my bed and pulled the curtains open with a swish. Tall, lush green trees crowded my vision but a body of blue peeked out too. Straining my eyes further, I saw it was a lake! Deciding today’s adventure would be cycling till there, I traipsed out of my room.

Wheeling my cycle out of the shed, I jumped on, securing my picnic basket in the back. I began my journey, the rhythmic lull of the pedals mingling with cacophony of sounds produced by the birds. Slowly weaving my way through the wood, I felt the stress of the past few days melting away. The gleaming body of the lake appeared in front of me and I jumped off my cycle, leaving it against a tree. I set up my picnic by turquoise waters and began feasting on the scrumptious delights packed by my mother. Out of nowhere, suddenly, a parrot landed in front of me. Its majestic green feathers gleamed in the sunlight and it stared at me through its beady eyes.I offered it food but it rudely declined with a shriek and sat on my shoulders. Only to pull at my necklace and take it away in its beak. I let out a yelp and chased it, pleading with it to leave my necklace. It did, only to drop it in the lake. The nerve of that parrot!

I dived in, helplessly trying to locate the precious heirloom in the water. But I found it, I realised as my hand clinked on something hard. I hauled myself out of the water, clutching the jewellery tightly in my hand. Having no energy to cycle, I staggered out of the forest, wheeling it behind me .Outside, I met my mother who chuckled as I ranted about the insolent parrot. She hailed a taxi, muttering about how wet I was and took us home. But as I replayed what happened, I had to admit, the situation was hilarious.

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