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Gia Gupta 8A

It was one of the hottest summers Jenna had ever experienced. As she was walking down the uneven gravel path, she could hear the parrots talking themselves away. There was a placid silence, disturbed only by the wheels of her suitcase hitting the rocky path.

As she heard the taxi fade away into the distance, only then she realised the blazing sun, scorching her, overhead. After a few minutes the walk finally ended when she spotted it. “Finally”, she thought inwardly, “the famous lake.” Grinning unknowingly she walked towards it. The lake glistened in the sun like a gaudy diamond set in an expensive necklace.

She continued on ahead and spotted her tiny but comfortable little cottage. It was like a cottage straight out of a picture. Tiny and surrounded by an assortment of beautiful flora and fauna. It was under the comfortable shade of the surrounding trees that protected it from the blazing sun. Occasional peeps of sunlight added a glow to the house which illuminated the beauty of the rustic cottage.

Jenna turned the key in the lock and with a satisfying click she entered the cottage. The cottage was not one of luxury but of comfort. Soft armchairs in which one could instantly fall into a deep slumber, rugs from which you would never want to take your feet off from. There was a small well-made table for eating and a little kitchen with some basic items. She left her suitcase and went back outside.

The deep blue sky with birds soaring across, gliding through the air. The shimmering lake, the majestic parrots chirping away, the unmistakable splash when you dived into the tempting waters. It was too surreal to believe that she owned this gorgeous piece of land. She thought to herself that there was nowhere else in the world she would rather be

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