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Necklaces are Precious but So is Life

Necklaces are Precious but So is Life

Rayaan Siddiqui 7F

Have you ever gone through a dangerous experience that threatened your life? I’m guessing maybe not .I have though .It happened when I was sixteen.

I was a burglar and black market dealer. I stole valuable items and sold them for a lot of money. This time, I was breaking into the house of the Boganzas. The Boganzas were just your average family ,nothing burglars would target .Except I knew something that other thieves didn’t. They had a diamond necklace worth a million dollars. When I sold it ,I would be rich !It was 11 pm. The Boganzas were asleep .I scaled a tree, looking for an opening and found one-the air vent. I leapt off the tree and climbed the wall, grabbing the metal grate. I wrenched it out and crawled through the tiny, cramped vent.Luckily, I was thin and squeezed my way through the second vent .I landed in the carpeted living room and made my way to the bookshelf ,where I knew the Boganzas hid their necklace. It was inside one of the books. I tipped over the bookcase and the books came tumbling out, falling open on the carpet. I found the shiny necklace and left through the door .My getaways were always on my jet-black BMX racer bicycle .I got onto the comfortable seat and cycled off .In a burst of childish ecstasy, I lifted my hands off the handlebars and at that moment ,a taxi sped past me. I was stunned and my bicycle veered away from the road and shot towards a lake-turned-swimming-pool .I tried to get control of my bicycle but couldn’t and fell into the ten-foot-deep pool .I didn’t know how to swim and began thrashing with my arms and legs .It didn’t help. My vision blurred and all the energy faded from my body. I was going to drown. But just before I blacked out, I heard a loud splash .My bony arms were gripped tightly and the next thing I knew ,I was on land with a drenched ,burly lifeguard over me. I coughed up a lot of water but thankfully ,I was unharmed. I got to my feet and staggered around dizzily. I patted my jumpsuit pocket. There was no necklace inside.

But I didn’t care. Thievery had nearly cost me my life and I would make an honest living from now.

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