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Anna and the Parrot

Anna and the Parrot

Erica Luis (7E)

The mighty sun rose above the mountain. It shone its light on the green grass and on the crystal shallow lake. A young girl came on her white cycle.

She had long thick curly red hair. She wore a light blue shirt with black track pants and she had a beautiful necklace with a sparkling ruby on it around her neck. Her name was Anna. When she stopped her cycle, she was greeted by a small parrot. It had a brown belt around its neck with a tiny golden bell. The parrot flew on Anna’s cycle. Anna noticed that the parrot had a small twig stuck in its foot. Anna held the parrot gently with one hand and removed the twig with the other. She noticed a number written on the parrot’s collar. She went to the phone booth and called the number. A man came fifteen minutes later in a black taxi.

The man was a short bald man with a blue suit. He thanked Anna.

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