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The Chase

The Chase

Azlan Khan 7D

One day, while my family and I were on vacation in Kerala, we heard a scream coming from near the lake. We immediately sprung up and ran towards the lake. We saw a lady pointing at a running, hooded figure, who was quickly moving away with what seemed like a glistening, silver necklace.

After informing the lifeguard and the police, we made our way towards the nearby food stall. There, to our immense surprise, we saw the same hooded figure standing in the doorway. This time, he also held a suitcase. Seeing us advancing, he immediately ran and called for a taxi. Luckily for him, there was one nearby and he was able to escape.

The last occurrence happened at the mall. We were shopping at a store when we suddenly caught sight of him. This time, we were not going to let him escape. After a long chase, we finally caught him. Opening the suitcase which he was carrying, we saw to our astonishment, the necklace which he had stolen! What a unique mystery this had been!

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