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The Blue Necklace

The Blue Necklace

  • Angela M. Ovichegan 7A

Once there was a lake, called Lake Lagoon. Legend says that there are many treasures to be found in Lake Lagoon. Jacob had got a job as a lifeguard for Lake Lagoon, because many people used to go swimming. Today was his first day on the job. He wore a red t-shirt, shorts and a whistle around his neck and also had a life jacket in hand. He got into a taxi and went to Lake Lagoon.

While on duty he saw something in the water. Not sure what it was, he did not urge to go see what it was. After his lunch break, he again saw something similar to what he saw earlier. He was curious to see what it was. So he went near the lake and he saw a suitcase, he dived into the water and went to get the suitcase. After coming back onto shore, he opened the suitcase and found many jewels, but what he was fascinated by was a blue pearl necklace.

It was a magical necklace. It makes your wishes come true. But, Jacob did not realise it until he wished for something more to eat, and he did! He was so shocked! After realising he went home and wished for his mother to get well and recover from her sickness. When his wishes came true, he was very happy and wrote a novel called ‘The Blue Necklace’.

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