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Digest, 2022- Grade 2

My Favourite Animal

Shivani Iyer 2A

My favourite animal is a python. It is a reptile. The python is very long, covered in scales and is cold blooded. We find pythons in Africa, Asia and Australia. They can also be found in rainforests, grasslands, and jungles too. They keep a check on the numbers of rodents by eating them as prey. The python can eat prey much bigger than itself. It kills the prey by strangling and coiling around it. They shed their skin multiple times in a year. I love pythons as they are beautiful creatures.

A Rainy Day

Prashasti Ojha 2B

Yesterday was a very dull day. It rained very heavily. The thunder which rumbled in the sky made me jump. The trees swayed from left to right. It was cold and dark outside. Mother made fritters and soup for dinner. The rain splashed outside. I saw earthworms and slugs. The ground was flooded! I played games with my family. It was a lot of fun.

My Favourite Hobby

Sarthak Vora 2C

Reading books is my hobby. I have different books like encyclopedias, storybooks and fun facts. My favourite authors are Roald Dahl, Sudha Murty and J.K.Rowling. My favourite character is Geronimo Stilton. I find adventurous stories very interesting. I tell facts from encyclopedias to my friends. Reading books improves our English. The latest book I am reading is Roald Dahl, Boy. It tells the life story of Dahl himself. He was a young boy in that book. I love reading books.

If A Fairy Granted Me Three Wishes

Cathy Leivang 2D

On Sunday, my little sister and I were playing on the bunk bed. My parents were attending online church and my nanny was washing the dishes. My sister had gone to the washroom and I started to feel bored. Suddenly, a bright light shone under the top bunk. I went down the ladder and saw a beautiful fairy with blue hair and purple clothes. “Hello little girl!’’ said the fairy. Then my sister came. “Who are you?’’. I said “I am Lavender, the magical fairy.’’ she said. “I will grant you three wishes.’’ “Ok!’’ I said “I wish that poor children are educated. I wish that we could go out for dinner on my sister’s birthday and I wish we were rich’’. “Granted!’’ said lavender “Goodbye!’’ and she left. I was very happy and slept peacefully that night.

It Was A Dark Night

Shiraz Lakkadghat 2E

It was a dark night when my friend and I went hiking in the forest. It was late and bats surrounded us, there was an owl sitting on the tree. It was scary. We found a cottage nearby. There was nobody inside so we went to sleep but we could not sleep as we heard weird noises. As we went to check, we saw the owner. She was wearing a black dress but we could not see her face. We opened the door and after that she made us unconscious.We woke up after a while. We quickly got out of the cottage and ran as fast as we could. Then we got back to our place but we could not forget this incident.

If I Had All The Money In The World

Binaisha Garg 2F

If I had all the money in the world, I would donate some money to the needy ones and buy some clothes and food for them. I would travel around the whole world, especially to the north pole to explore real snowfall because I’ve always wanted to see real snowfall. I would travel to Finland to explore the northern lights and even go to Egypt to explore the pyramids. I would buy a lot of gifts from all over the world. I would buy my parents a big house and buy myself a loft bed to sleep on it. I would be happy but not greedy with all of it. I would help as much as I could. I would get a school made for the needy children. I would buy myself a lot of paints, colours and canvas to do a lot of paintings. I would hang all the paintings in the house. It would be fun and amazing to have all the money in the world.

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