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A Day in the Life of Ginger

A Day in the Life of Ginger

Anoushka Katoch 11A

“How did you like my horn laser, Jimmy? HUH, HUH! SAY!”, the kid shouted, pointing right and that's when Ginger saw the damage. The crater was a bright red and Ginger didn’t even know how it was possible.

Who in their right mind decides to give an idiotic teenager something like this? It's a recipe for disaster. A disaster which was going to be Ginger's responsibility.

‘Jimmy’ shouted back, all red in the face, “ EXPECTO PATRONUM!”

What was with these kids and shouting? They were going to give Ginger a headache and potential hearing loss.

Ginger watched a huge, silver duck being formed and then rushing towards the horse kid at full force and that is when Ginger decided to intervene. Destruction was explainable but an injured kid? No matter what the situation the parents were going to have a fit.

He rushed in front of the horse boy, the force field in hand and shoved the boy out of the way and countering the silver duck.

Two seconds later the duck was gone and the shield was scorched and the arm holding the shield hurt from the sudden force.

He looked at ‘Jimmy’, the kid looked shocked and then his face went from red to purple, maybe he had a body colour-changing modification too?

‘Jimmy’ looked fine so he turned his attention to the horse boy who was a little scraped and bruised but overall like ‘Jimmy’ looked fine.

“The principal’s office is down the corridor, report there.” Ginger looked pointedly at ‘Jimmy’ while saying this and was about to leave when the kid shouted in the most nasal voice Ginger had ever heard, “ Do you know who I am? This was a duel between two individuals which you interrupted.”, seeing no reaction he shouted louder than before, so much louder, “ MY FATHER WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS!” and stomped to the principal’s office following horse boy who had, thankfully, gone quietly.

Ginger sighed, he didn’t know what fantasy world with duels and such ‘Jimmy’ was living in but seems like his parents were going to get involved after all.

Ginger went and sat back in his post, lighting a cigarette, and waiting for the eventual announcement of his name to report to the principal.

Ginger blew out some smoke. His arm hurt, his head hurt and his ears hurt, and he had no doubt that this day was just getting worse.

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