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Daddy's Little Girl

Her father was her everything, Her entire family. She was nothing like the matured and self-obsessed teens of the city, But was a plain and immature girl. As underdeveloped as the continent of Africa, Yet waiting to discover most of the fantasies as well as horrors of teenage life. The only thing she was completely exposed to was nature, Plunging in the pristine lakes Whistling with the refreshing breeze. And racing with the ostriches in the vast fields was her forte, She had spent 13 years with nature’s orchestra. Away from exam stress and late night parties, Yet to discover unknown territories of acts of delinquency and alcohol, Drugs and relationships, Broken hearts and scarred minds. The only man she knew was her dad, Her hero. He had managed to limit her to the evergreen jungles of Africa, But now, as she entered into the teenage period The canopy of the wild trees wasn’t enough to hide away the world outside from her She blew up with questions, He avoided many of them But was aware that he couldn’t limit her to his arms anymore. She cooperated for all these years, Having the dolphins as her best friends Yet now she needed to get out there, She was raw and inexperienced. She wasn’t street smart and didn’t know that New York City even existed But he realised That if she could survive so well in the rough and jagged African jungles Luxurious NYC was a piece of cake for her He wanted to hold her in his lap Relive the golden times When he swam with her in the waterfall He wished he could turn her back into the little girl Who had held his tiny finger and travelled through the grasslands of Africa with him But that time was over She would rebel if he limited her anymore. He knew that she was  puzzled and perplexed at first, And would make a million mistakes But he believed that trial and error was the best way to learn So with a heavy heart and crossed fingers He set her free Free to venture and travel into any country She wished Giving her his blessings and best wishes Hoping that his little girl can fly towards the gateway of success.

-Tanisha Agarwal, 8E


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