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Bye-bye Bullies!

The most important lesson I learnt from my journey in school is: you will get through it. You get through all the scolding, the deadlines, the bullying, the fights, the heartbreaks, the drama, you get past it all. As kids, especially teenagers, we feel like our problems are the end of the world but I wish I’d realized that they’re just small chapters in this great novel called Life.

School can be tough and taxing not only academically but emotionally too. Being bullied feels like even though you’re in this protected environment, you can’t trust anyone, that you’re unsafe. But what school taught me over the years is that no matter where you are, what school or standard you’re in, bullies will remain bullies. It is for us to rise above them and not be victims to their anger and repressed emotions. I always thought talking about it or getting help from anyone would be pointless and embarrassing, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

 Why is the way one looks, the way one dresses, how smart one is used against people? I think the very things that bullies use to bully you are the weapons you should throw back at them. So what if your dressing style is funkier than the others or what if your hair cut is different from everyone else? These are the things make you unique, not an outcast. I wish someone told me back then that they’re bullies and their opinions don’t matter and then that the only person I had to be good enough for, was myself.

Multiple times we see people being bullied, knowing he/she is affected by people making fun of him/her and we don’t do anything about it. I don’t think standing up to a bully on the victim’s behalf is going to help anyone. Instead walk over to the victim, ask them what’s bothering them or maybe just listen. Being a good listener sometimes is the best and only solution to help them. And you never know, that girl sitting on the last bench in the corner sketching at the back of her binder can end up talking to you more than your best friend does.

 Whether you’re bullied or not, the key to being happy is keeping negativity out of your life and believing in yourself. And more importantly, remember that not everyone will like you and appreciate how different you are but the main aim isn’t to change yourself to get everyone to like you, it’s finding those few people who love and respect you for who you are.

-Zara Humranwla (11A)

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