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An Open Letter To Those Who Told Me I Could Not Win

You can’t win at everything…huh? I’m sorry, is that a privilege only you can afford? Because the general notion is that a few numbers or grades on a piece of paper matter? You see what matters is a person’s true passion, What matters is whether or not you grabbed opportunities with both your hands and held onto them, What matters is how you proved yourself and got rewarded for it because you worked hard enough, How you were confident enough to believe in yourself even when others didn’t, others like you.

One mistake can cost you, But then again ‘to err is human’, So how is it that when I make a mistake, Suddenly  I’m irresponsible, Suddenly I’m your definition of failure!

And if I have failed in any way, And when my ship of a heart has sunk in the ocean of hurt and disappointment, I come to you to fix me, And all you have to say to me is YOU CANNOT WIN AT EVERYTHING?

Well, guess what? Here’s me trying- trying to win at everything. Go ahead bask in my losses, the deep trenches of mistakes I’ve fallen into, But know this- Your words that were unintentionally made to look down on me, Will be what I use to rise above you.

                          -Aarushi Zarthostimanesh (11A)

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