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An Angel’s Cry

You don’t recognize this angel, Though she’s been there all along, Deep in the walls of your heart, She’s been singing your favourite song Her sweet voice consumes you, While her words move you to tears… As her lovely melody Brings back memories of ancient years… Making it harder and harder to erase, Every memory and every phase.. This angel lives, And to you only she gives…Her heart.

She’s a small guiding light, Bringing happiness to your soul… This angel knows your smile, She knows every one of your moves.. Though, she lives oblivious to all your faults… Her problems are few All dependent on you. And you know your luck is good, To have her As you should, Know that if you’ve found her Treasure her within your heart, Don’t let her go cause then, you’ll be torn apart…

No  tears  to cry, No love to feel, And trust me, You know this is real.. No matter how much you hurt her, She’ll stay with you while she can… Don’t push her away with your words, She isn’t your  punch bag But, if  she  is pushed too much One day she’ll fall off the bridge… And that’s when you know, You should have loved her, so, You cry and cry, Until her spirit wipes your tears dry… Yes, she’s here even now, And, dead or alive, Her love shall thrive, Because and only because, You’re the reason behind why This  Angel  Cries….

–Raksha Saraf 11A

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