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A Shot in the Dark: Applying to the Student Council 2024

The student body was abuzz with the glow of excitement. The form for application to the

Student Council was officially open, and submissions gushed in. Behind each was a student,

perhaps nervous or expectant, who was eager to become a voice for his compatriots.

After all, who wouldn’t want to be a leader? For longstanding students, becoming a member of the Student Council would be a way to serve the institution that raised them. For the newcomers, it would be an opportunity to develop their reputations in the school, build bridges, and explore their potential. Either way, if they made it, they would become the face of the school.

It was not long before we were awarded with a list of names. The candidates for the year

2024-2025 were a capable lot, each with their strengths and ambitions. But what was it that

made them unique? What gave them the right to grasp for the flags that uphold our school?

We did not know for sure till the speeches.

Each speech was special in its own way. Some spoke of their merits in academics. Others

mentioned their merits in appearance (which seemed to be quite popular, according to the

applause). And some spoke with bald-faced honesty, like Rheanna Kothari, our head girl for this year.

Tensions were high, and moments were priceless. Highlights included the digs that prospective head boy Aarav Bardhan took at his competitors, Zidaan Mulchandani - a candidate for the same position- attempting to charm an auditorium, and our elected assistant head girl, Inaaya Kulkarni, uttering the words skibidi toilet on loudspeaker. Our new student ambassador, Sharanya Sudarshan, had the guts to rhyme on stage, while our newly elected assistant head boy, Kahaan Phophalia, debuted his most brilliant invention yet: the hashtag #VoteForPhoPho. One must also cherish the memory of Arjun Kanodia, head boy for the years 2024- 2025, promising a short speech and unfurling a scroll taller than him. Iconic is an understatement.

In all seriousness, each candidate presented a robust case. Though idle students took joy in

guessing, no one had a clue who our student council would be.

The day came when all answers would be given. The council would finally gain its much-needed leaders. I remember looking over my shoulder to see capable candidates shivering with nerves. Sweaty hands clasped in resolute handshakes as competitors for the same position acknowledged each other. Slowly, a fraction of our student body trickled into the Prefab Hall to hear the results.

And as our respected Vice-Principal, Ms. Pavamani, announced the posts, chests swelled with pride. The people who walked onto the stage were not mere contenders; they were leaders.

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