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A letter to Nirbhaya

Dear Nirbhaya,

Today, after seven long years, your death was finally avenged. Some say justice was served, but I think nothing can compensate for the pain you went through.

Those monsters deserved to be tortured. For them, death was too small a punishment.

When they were taken to the gallows,

I wanted their faces shown.

I wanted the world to know who they are and to hate them, because that's all they're worth. And that's what they deserve. 

You, on the other hand, deserve so much more. You deserve love, you deserve respect and you deserve happiness.

Your friend who stayed with you was a hero too. He stayed with you right till the end and he fought for you.

My heart goes out to your parents and your family. I could see the pain in their eyes and I felt my hopes rising along with theirs when those monsters were finally sentenced to death.

You're brave and you're beautiful.

I can't even imagine the brutality you were put through. I don't think anyone can.

And I want you to know that no matter what anyone says, it wasn't your fault. And it never will be.

I'm sorry this happened to you. I'm sorry it happened to so many others like you. I'm sorry it took so long to get you justice. I'm sorry we let you down.

And I hope that today, wherever you are, you're happy. Because that's what you should have been. That's what all those brave girls should have been.

From a girl;

a girl who prays for you wherever she can.

- Alaiha Vanjara.

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