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Nyx, oh beautiful Goddess; she’s the most seductive of them all. Aphrodite merely put to shame, by Nyx’s lascivious catwalk. She could lure you into her clutches, with just a snap of her fingers, or a flick of her wrist. Her embrace so warm, yet cold are her salacious fingertips. She pulls at your hair, using the moon as her magnet. She’s beautiful, she’s gorgeous, but yet feared by us all. For hidden behind her allure, is an abyss of flaws. She’s dark, she’s forlorn; loneliness is her curse. Her face is marked, by ugly mauled scars. She’s weeping inside, but still she hides in solitude; shrouded, behind her translucent blanket of stars. They caress her body, and offer us mighty temptation. They make us dream, as her only form of salvation. She’s a masked mystery, Her true colours unseen, intentions yet not found; a black masquerade, it’s her lustful hunting ground.

-Aarya Sohal 10F

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