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10 of the world’s weirdest laws

1) Victoria, Australia

On Sundays after 12 pm, it is prohibited to appear in public places wearing bright pink coloured pants/shorts.


  • Victoria (named after Queen Victoria) still follows this old law of the Victorian era. Not wearing pink at this time of the day is believed to be a gesture of sobriety.

  • The 1862 edition of the magazine Littell’s Living Age states that pale pink was not an ideal shade for daytime wear, explaining, “In daylight, pink heightens the sallowness of the complexion.”  

2) France

It is illegal to marry a dead person unless the president of France approves of the marriage, the grounds for marriage are serious and there is proof stating that the deceased person had the intention to marry the person alive before death.


Also called a posthumous marriage, the practice of allowing someone to marry a dead person is alive and well (ironic, right?) in France. If you meet all the 3 criteria, then the marriage is back-dated to the day before the bride or groom died.

3) Turin, Italy

It is illegal not to walk your dog at least thrice a day. However, when it comes to the improper disposal of a dog’s faeces, advanced DNA tests can identify the dog and its owner, resulting in a fine or even prison time.


Well, to be fair, this law is quite beneficial, because it keeps the dog and its owner healthy, happy and bonded- making Turin a pawwfect heaven for dogs. However, every dog has its day, and to ensure its owner doesn’t spend the day in jail, proper disposal of its waste is imperative for general hygiene on the streets of Turin.

4) Arizona, USA

It is illegal to keep your donkey in a bathtub in Arizona. Why?

  • This law has its own genuine back story –in the 1920s, a rancher who lived in Arizona had a donkey that slept in an abandoned bathtub on his property. A local dam broke loose and flooded the town, also taking with it the bathtub with the donkey trapped. The locals helped save the donkey, but were very distressed about its living conditions.

  • Therefore, from 1924 to present day, it is illegal to keep your donkey in a bathtub in Arizona. Hopefully, no such catastrophe will recur in the future- let us bray.

5) Switzerland

Citizens must refrain from using the toilet flush after 10:00 pm and before 7:00 am. Why?

  • Noise pollution in Switzerland is taken seriously, which is why citizens must refrain from using the toilet flush at night, or even cutting grass on Sundays. You probably won’t be imprisoned, but you could get a stern telling off, and nobody likes that.

  • The state of Geneva has a handy guide that illuminates some of the other things that are considered too noisy like taking a bath at night, or doing any kind of DIY. Just go to IKEA, okay?

6) Georgia, USA

Chickens and domestic fowl are not allowed to cross the road or trespass private property.


  • The purpose of having such an ordinance is to keep chickens and other domestic fowl from defecating all over public and private property.

  • The intention is also to prevent them from enticing dogs to attempt escaping to attack the chickens.

  • A law that applies to both humans and chickens? What an unexpectedly egg-alitarian society we live in !

7) China

Reincarnation is illegal without the government’s permission


  • Tradition says that the soul of the senior Buddhist monk is reincarnated in the body of a child on his death. To start the search, High Lamas may have a vision or dream. If the previous Dalai Lama was cremated, they watch the direction of the smoke to indicate the direction of rebirth and once confirmed, they inform the government.

  • From the point of view of Beijing, the whole apparatus seems to be about giving Beijing control over the appointment of the next Dalai Lama.

  • The way it works is permits. You need to get a permit from the local religious affairs office, saying you’re recognized as what the Chinese believe is a so-called living Buddha.

8) Swaziland

Any woman who wears pants can face a possible punishment of the pants being ripped off her and torn to pieces by soldiers.


Swaziland’s conservative traditions consider trousers to be ‘inappropriate’ clothing for women. What’s even worse is that a Swazi woman was banned from being nominated to stand as a member of parliament because she was wearing trousers at the nomination centre.

9) United Kingdom

It is illegal to hold a salmon under suspicious circumstances.


  • Sounds fishy, doesn’t it? The general idea is that it is illegal to possess or dispose of salmon when the individual concerned believes that the salmon has been illegally fished (i.e. poached/stolen)

  • Basically, one should buy salmon from official fisheries through official channels so that stolen salmon is difficult to sell, ensuring that fisheries can operate without fear of theft.

10) Andhra Pradesh, India

In order to pass in the process of becoming a motor vehicle inspector in Andhra Pradesh, one is needed to have good teeth. Decayed teeth shall be deemed to be a disqualification.


There’s no sure shot reason for this law, but all we know is that Andhra Pradesh has taken the current ‘Muskurayega India’ campaign to a whole new level, literally.

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